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Tooth Fillings Acton

Fillings are used to restore your teeth when they have been damaged by decay.

At Sacoor Dental, your highly skilled dentist will routinely examine your teeth for cavities, combining careful visual examinations with x-rays to discover decay.

Tooth decay can be slowed or eliminated through the regular use of fluoride toothpaste, flossing and a good diet, along with regularly scheduled hygienist and dental appointments.

A good diet means reducing the frequency of your sugar intake. It is not the quantity of sugar you consume, but how often you have it. It’s important to look out for hidden sugars in flavoured crisps, fruit yoghurts, pure fruit juices and other foodstuffs.

When a cavity is discovered, your dentist may recommend a filling. The dentist will discuss with you the filling material which is most appropriate to your case. These materials include amalgam (silver), composites (white), high-quality dental ceramics and precious metals.

Ceramic and composite filling materials offer the aesthetic benefit of being colour-matched to the natural tooth. This allows you to have a filling that is virtually invisible.

All treatment options will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment at Sacoor Dental.

If you suffer from anxiety or are nervous about your treatment process, please rest assured that we understand your fears and want you to be comfortable throughout your treatment. Your dentist can discuss possible solutions that can help you to have a relaxed and positive treatment experience.

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